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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Our Boat Come With A Captain?

Yes, your boat comes with a U.S. Coast Guard certified Captain who is experienced, and well versed on the area.

Are You Able To Bring Food And Drinks?

Yes, you are able to bring food and drinks with you, which you are more than welcome to put in the ice chest that is also provided. However, please try to refrain from bringing glass on the boat.

How Many People Can The Boat Hold?

Per US Coast Guard regulations, we are able to take a total of six passengers.

Is Our Charter Private?

Yes, with your booking, you can be assured that it will only be your guests on the boat.

What Comes With Your Charter?

Our boat comes with floats such as a Lilly pad and two paddle boards. We also have snorkel equipment you are welcome to use if you choose to do so. Along with water toys we also have an ice chest with waters for our guests. Lastly we have a big speaker so that while on your trip, you have your own music to listen to.

What Happens If There Is Bad Weather During The Trip?

In the event that any severe weather were to occur during the charter, we would first try and reschedule your group that way you're able still get the full, and exciting experience. However, if that was not possible, we would pro rate the trip for whatever time was not used.  

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